Last update: 4/1/2003.

Non-DOS/Windows PGP frontends

Magic PGP©, by Johan Lundberg

Magic PGP is a script package used to send and recieve PGP-encrypted messages with a convenient interface, totally integrated in PINE

Lotus Notes

PGP Plugin for Lotus Notes enables Lotus Notes  users to conveniently encrypt outgoing messages/attachments using the PGP standard, and to decrypt incoming electronic mails that are PGP-encrypted. Commercial demo.


  • Envelope©, by Momentum Transfer Technology. Envelope adds a floating toolbar to any version of the Eudora email application. Most functions are accomplished with a single click. Also has voice message capability.

  • MacPGP. Available at the MIT Web Site, MacPGP consists of PGP together with a basic Macintosh shell compiled into a single program, directly supporting encryption/decryption of the clipboard contents.

  • FatMacPGP 2.6.3©, by Zbigniew Fiedorowicz - An enhanced version of the Macintosh shell portion relative to MacPGP 2.6.2, such as an option to wrap text before clear-signing and stealth. Also has more hooks for other programs to pass commands to it, such as passing text to be encrypted/decrypted directly in memory rather than via temporary files.

  • MacPGP Control ©, by Raif S. Naffah - Provides a polished graphical interface to a subset of commonly used MacPGP functions. Also provides integration between MacPGP and email programs, such as Eudora.

  • Unix

  • MailCrypt - an Emacs/PGP Interface
  • SigEd - append signatures and PGP sign postings composed in your editor. Requires ZSH.

  • OS/2

  • PMMail©, by Robert Novitskey & Evan F. Goldring. An OS/2 mail client with integrated PGP support



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